“University proceedings. Volga region. Social sciences.” №1, 2018 Contents

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O. V. Romanovskaya

Constitutional principles of delegation of powers


O. O. Tsatsalov

Sociocultural grounds of justice: understanding and content


T. N. Balashova

Problems of classifying legal entities as corporate and unitary ones in the existing civil legislation of the Russian Federation


A. F. Malyy, O. L. Cheglakova

On the issue of asymmetric territorial structure of Russia


I. A. Romaykin

On the nature of federalism


L. T. Kokoeva, A. E. Kolieva

Some problems of trust management of securities



Interconnection of crime rate and population’s economic passivity in the labor market


Yu. N. Kuleshov

The problem of detection of economic crimes in the construction industry


A. V. Agutin, G. V. Sintsov

On the issue of prosecutor’s activity goals in international cooperation in the field of criminal proceedings


A. S. Kainov

A place and role of the public prosecutor’s office in functioning of the civil society institutions



O. G. Antonova

Social functions of higher education in the context of a new educational paradigm


S. G. Ivchenkov, A. A. Koshelev

The role of the press service in the interaction of power and mass media on the informational support of youth


I. M. Fadeeva, D. A. Sofronov

Interregional migration trajectories of high schools graduates in Volga federal district


O. V. Shinyaeva, Yu. V. Ushkova

Family capital and its dependence on the social characteristics of families


S. V. Polutin, N. V. Shumkova,
A. M. Chushkin

The ethnic religious situation in the Republic of Mordovia: a sociological aspect


L. V. Orlova, N. P. Shchukina

Influence of business start-ups on regional development (by the example of Samara region)



I. A. Sergeeva, V. M. Volodin

Directions of industrial enterprises’ creditworthiness increase


O. N. Safronova

The balance sheet as the main source of information on the financial condition of an enterprise


A. S. Okhotnyy, N. V. Utkina,
A. V. Ostashkov

Promotion of “Zolotaryivskoe Gorodishche” as a unique historical and cultural destination of Penza region by means of SMM



A study of the objectivity of the connection between pricing factors of musical instruments’ quality and the opinion of potential consumers



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